“I have used Knightsbridge Nannies and Julie Bremner on many occasion for help with temporary nannies and also to find my longest standing nanny who stayed with us for 6 years until she married. I have always been very happy with the girls who have come to help via Knightsbridge and recommend them highly.”
Chrissie Rucker, MBE
Founder of The White Company

“I used Knightsbridge nannies from 1997 to 2008. They are the best nanny agency around. What makes them exceptional and unique is the lady who runs it, Julie Bremner. Unlike other agencies, Julie has been there for ever. She builds up a relationship with her clients and she tries all she can to match families up with nannies who she believes fit well. She has endless time to discuss what exactly the client is looking for, and she always always finds you someone, even if it is the day before Christmas! Now my children have outgrown their nanny years, and I miss chatting to Julie, as she always listened and she always cared, and nothing was ever too much for her. My younger sister is now new to motherhood, and relies on Julie for help, and she has provided my sister with a pearl. I did work with other agencies at times, but they are constantly changing staff, so there is no follow through at all. I cannot recommend Knightsbridge Nannies highly enough. All the best.”
Mrs E.L., SW1 & France

“Mrs Kahane has used Knightsbridge Nannies extensively in the past. KN has placed four nannies with the family over the last 10-15 years. KN are extremely professional and pay attention to the needs of both the client and the nanny when putting candidates forward. KN has a real gift for matching people and really listen to the client’s brief. The nannies employed by Mrs Kahane were all great successes. KN not only placed full time candidates when Mrs Kahane was living in London, but also part-timers (e.g. Italian speaking weekend nanny). They also placed nannies abroad when Mrs Kahane moved to Venice. We can highly recommend KN.”
Carolin Strawson
PA to Marie-Rose Kahane

“Knightsbridge Nannies is not your average agency, and really looks for the best employee for you. I have never interviewed a candidate from Knightsbridge with whom I was not impressed. We hired our current nanny via Knightsbridge and I have no doubt that the next one will be sourced in the same way. I tell all my friends to contact Knightsbridge if they are looking for well qualified nannies who are far more than the generic that you would get via other agencies.”
Mrs Hewitt, SW7

“I wholeheartedly recommend Knightsbridge Nannies. Penny and Julie are true professionals and their experience shows through. My sister and I have used them for Nanny and Maternity Nurse searches and we have always felt they understood our requirements completely and were never pushy. They sorted out a tricky overseas placement as well as finding someone wonderful at very short notice. All that while being gracious even when my feedback was not particularly specific! They understand what works both for Nannies and families. All that makes them the best agency I have used.”
Mrs Buckley, SW12

“I used Knightsbridge nannies for my relocation from Scotland to London. I had been with my family in Scotland for 8 years, so naturally taking the step of moving to London was a pretty big deal for me! Nevertheless, Julie and her team did their utmost to provide me with all the support and information I needed to make it as smooth a process as possible. Julie has a real talent of instantaneously knowing her clients’ (both nannies and families) needs and really hitting the nail on the head and getting the perfect “fit”. Julie has been in the business a long time so you can be rest assured that she knows exactly what she is doing and that you are in good hands! I have now been in my current position, which I was placed in with Knightsbridge Nannies for three years. When the time comes for me to move on I know I will be contacting Knightsbridge Nannies without any hesitation. I recommend Knightsbridge Nannies to anyone I hear of looking for a job or a nanny as I really think they are one of the best on the market. They really go that extra mile!”
Lynn Fraser, Nanny

“Knightsbridge Nannies provide an empathetic, supportive service from start to finish. They aim to ensure your happiness in a role by listening to exactly what it is you’re looking for and aiming to achieve the most appropriate match for you in terms of your skills and strengths. I highly recommend working with them when seeking a new position.”
Helen Lumgair, Nanny/Tutor

“I have used Knightsbridge Nannies over the past 11 years or so, and they have been the sole provider of all my placements as a live-out nanny. The jobs I have undertaken through Julie have mainly been full time jobs, with really lovely families, and the occasional temporary placement between full time jobs. They always listen to what I want, and seem to get the match between the nanny and the family just right, and I have always gained employment from their recommendations. I also know that Julie is always there for me if I have a question or query or just want to run something by her, and I trust her judgement implicitly. Julie Bremner and the team at Knightsbridge Nannies really know what they are doing – happy nanny equals happy kids, which then in turn means happy parents. I have also sent all my ‘Nanny’ friends to Knightsbridge Nannies when they are looking for new jobs.”
Deborah Edwards, Nanny

“It goes without saying that I endorse Knightsbridge Nannies as they have provided me with my last 5 jobs plus various temporary positions in between. They have been immesely supportive and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Carol Wade, Nanny

“I trained as a Maternity Nurse in early December 2005. By the end of that month, Knightsbridge Nannies had found me my first job! Since then I have looked after approximately sixty babies (including several sets of twins).

In all that time Penny and Julie have been a pleasure to work with. They have always been totally professional in all their dealings with me and meticulous about checking and collecting references.

I will always be grateful to them for all their hard work on my behalf and could not recommend them too highly.”
Elizabeth Clarke, Maternity Nurse